Tilburg and Breda will initiate a cannabis experiment this autumn.

Tilburg and Breda will initiate a cannabis experiment this autumn.

The long-awaited Dutch experiment with regulated cannabis cultivation will start this year in Breda and Tilburg. The cabinet will announce it today.

In the experiment, coffee shops in the participating municipalities will sell cannabis grown by government-appointed growers. The government wants to try to close the “back door” of its tolerance policy. In the Netherlands cannabis is allowed to be bought in coffee shops and used, but cultivation is not allowed. As a result, stores receive their offerings through illegal channels.

Stoned with state cannabis

After years of postponement, the experiment will officially start in Tilburg and Breda in the fourth quarter of this year. The other participating municipalities may join in the first quarter of next year if producers are ready and have sufficient supply.

The fall of the Rutte IV cabinet threatened to delay the experiment again. But parliament removed the issue from the too-controversial list earlier this week, meaning the interim cabinet can go ahead with the plans and not have to leave it up to the next government.

Source: nltimes.nl (EN)

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