Ukraine’s Approval of Legislation on Medical Marijuana

Ukraine Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

The Ukrainian parliament, The Verkhovna Rada, passed the bill on legalization of medical hemp in first reading.

The bill was supported by 268 out of 405 deputies. To become law, it must be passed on second reading (possibly with some amendments) and then signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

License to grow marijuana.

The bill proposes to license the economic activity of cannabis cultivation for medical, industrial, and scientific purposes. Medical marijuana aims to help Ukrainian war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, people with cancer, and other serious diseases to relieve pain and reduce other symptoms.

According to the bill, hemp would be under strict state control and only people with a doctor’s prescription would be able to buy cannabis-based medicines. Zelensky: “We should fairly legalize cannabis-based medicines, relevant scientific research, and controlled Ukrainian production for everyone who needs it.” Zelensky added that Ukraine should create the strongest mental and physical rehabilitation system in Europe.

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