There are still no medicinal cannabis trials for the NHS

Medical Cannabis Trials Still Unavailable for NHS Five Years After Legalization

Despite the legalization of medical cannabis in Britain in 2018, the National Health Service (NHS) still does not provide access to this treatment for patients who cannot afford private prescriptions. This has made little difference for those in need of this alternative therapy.

Lack of Cannabis Research

Five years after the legalization, the lack of funding for clinical trials by the government has resulted in a shortage of good-quality evidence for the use of medicinal cannabis. This has led to the NHS watchdog warning against its prescription for the millions of patients suffering from chronic pain due to the absence of sufficient clinical trials.

Despite the NHS not funding any studies on the safety and efficacy of cannabis since the law change, medical-grade cannabis remains prohibitively expensive for many patients, creating a barrier to access for those in need of treatment.

To address the lack of research, Celadon Pharmaceuticals is launching the first clinical trial of its kind, involving 5,000 patients with chronic pain. The trial will focus on providing robust evidence about the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, with the company growing cannabis plants in controlled environments to produce predictable amounts of active ingredients.

Celadon’s efforts aim to break the stigma surrounding medical cannabis by emphasizing the therapeutic benefits without causing psychoactive effects. The company’s goal is to improve the quality of life for patients in need of alternative treatments.

As part of the trial, patients will receive ground cannabis buds in a special inhaler that delivers only the prescribed dose, approved by regulatory agencies and NHS research ethics committees. Previous studies have shown that cannabis can reduce the need for opioid painkillers and improve sleep, demonstrating its potential as a viable treatment option.

It is clear that despite the legalization of medical cannabis, access to this treatment remains challenging for many patients, highlighting the need for further research and clinical trials to support its use within the NHS.

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