Metro UK tests CBD patch for relief from menstrual pain

Metro UK tests CBD patch for relief from menstrual pain

CBD for Aches and Pains

Can CBD patches help alleviate menstrual pain? Metro UK conducted a test on a product that claims to relieve women’s pain within 60 minutes.

Menstrual pain is often underestimated, with different women experiencing varying levels of discomfort. Additionally, not all pain relief methods work equally for everyone. CBD patches could be a potential solution to better manage recurring monthly periods.

CBD patches are designed to provide pain relief within 60 minutes, and the reviews have been highly positive. Intrigued by these claims, Metro UK decided to put them to the test. The patches can be applied to any area and contain 50 mg of CBD, which is slowly released over a 24-hour period.

One of Metro’s staff members applied a patch to her sore neck and noticed a significant improvement in the discomfort. She then placed a patch on her lower abdomen to tackle premenstrual soreness, and it also yielded positive results. “However, I’m uncertain if I applied it correctly, as I still experienced slight twinges of pain in another part of my stomach. Hence, it’s crucial to apply the patch directly to the affected area,” she stated.

“I experienced no cramping in the area where I applied the patch.” Her husband also expressed satisfaction with the patches as they helped alleviate his back pain. While the reviewer couldn’t verify the patches’ effects on severe pain, she intends to continue using the product for minor aches and cramps.

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