Italy Implements New Regulations for Oral CBD

Italy Implements New Regulations for Oral CBD

As of last week, Italy has reclassified products containing natural cannabidiol (CBD) for oral use as narcotic drugs. These products can now only be obtained through pharmacies and with a medical prescription.

The decree, which took effect on September 20, also prohibits the advertising of these products and requires authorization for their manufacturing, storage, and distribution.

CBD Legislation

These regulations pertain specifically to natural oral CBD products. Therefore, they do not apply to cannabidiol found in cosmetics or oils containing synthetically derived substances. Currently, Italy permits the sale of oils containing natural CBD in regular stores and pharmacies.

Legal challenges may arise from companies that market natural CBD oils in Italy which are legally registered as food supplements in other European Union countries, based on the principle of the free movement of goods.

If such challenges arise, it will be the responsibility of Italian authorities to defend the legality of the decree by demonstrating that the imposed restrictions are necessary and proportionate to safeguard the public health of Italian citizens.

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