Italian region receives funding to strengthen hemp fiber supply chain

Funding Secured to Support Hemp Fiber Supply Chain in Italian Region

Italy’s northern region of Emilia-Romagna has provided €500,000 in financing for the development of a local industrial hemp supply chain focused on building materials and textiles.

“The investment in hemp and natural fibers will make it possible to outline a perspective for the future,” according to Pro Canapa, a committee that is leading the region’s hemp initiatives. The group said the funding will help in efforts to establish more ecological construction and fashion sectors.

Sustainability leader

Emilia-Romagna has been at the forefront of sustainable agriculture practices, with a focus on organic farming and reducing environmental impact. The region is home to a number of innovative farms that are using cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.
Students and entrepreneurs, universities and other institutions are involved in the hemp supply chain project.


  • Development and testing of an industrial bioreactor for the extraction of hemp fiber;
  • Construction of a pavilion made of hempcrete bricks which will be monitored for energy efficiency and performance in different temperatures, humidity, acoustics, insulation, breathability, and overall comfort;
  • Design and creation of sample hemp clothing items through a training program and knitwear course under the Vallauri Institute, a technical high school;
  • Additional fiber research initiatives on hemp and its many applications at educational institutions.

Reporting by Canapa Industriale

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