Hulk Hogan Utilizes CBD and THC for Treating Wrestling Injuries

Hulk Hogan Utilizes CBD and THC for Treating Wrestling Injuries

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is globally renowned for his contributions to the sport. However, the WWE Hall of Famer has endured numerous hardships in pursuit of his career, undergoing a staggering 28 surgeries over the past decade. Hogan credits the use of THC and CBD for significantly improving his well-being and alleviating his physical ailments.

“At 69 years old, I feel better than ever, almost like I’m 25 again.” Considering Hulk’s previous struggles with excruciating pain, this transformation is truly remarkable.

Hogan found traditional medications such as Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve ineffective in providing relief. He stated, “When I turned to CBD, everything changed for me – it helped with sleep and reduced inflammation and joint pain.” In fact, Hulk is so supportive of THC and CBD that he is launching his own brand in collaboration with Carma HoldCo, the company responsible for Mike Tyson’s “Tyson 2.0” and Ric Flair’s “Ric Flair Drip.”

New CBD and THC Products

“After witnessing the success of Ric and Mike’s endeavors, I immediately wanted to join their team because CBD can be used to boost energy, enhance sleep, and support overall fitness. It simply made sense,” remarked Hulk. Chad Bronstein, President of Carma, who is partnering with Hulk, also provided a preview of the upcoming health and wellness brand which will not only include CBD and THC products but also incorporate “functional mushrooms.” The launch date for Hulk’s new company is yet to be announced.

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