How does CBD Help in Cancer Cases?

How does CBD Help in Cancer Cases?

CBD and Cancer

Each year, about 18 million people around the world discover that they have one of hundreds of types of Cancer.

Many studies are still needed to determine the efficacy of Cannabis in the treatment for cancer, in the meantime, the CBD or Cannabidiol can help people fight it by providing relief from the side effects of chemotherapy.

How Does CBD Help in Cancer Cases?

  • Pain: Reduces pain caused by inflammation and irritation.
  • Nausea, vomiting and appetite: CBD or Cannabidiol acts by reducing these sensations and increasing appetite.
  • Anxiety and insomnia: CBD increases serotonin levels, calming anxiety and relieving insomnia.

Over the past decades, evidence has been accumulating that Cannabinoids also have beneficial effects beyond palliative care, in the “disease modulation arena”. Better quality research needs to be done, but the direct effects against Cancer demonstrated so far, include tumor shrinkage, inhibition of new cancer cell growth and prevention of metastasis.

The CBD doses for the therapeutic treatment of cancer. advanced are generally in the range of macrowith dosages ranging from 200 mg and above being recommended. It is advisable that patients work with a healthcare professional who is experienced in recommending CBD, so that dosing and administration procedures can be established and adjusted on an individual basis.

The Causes of Cancer

Cancer is caused by changes in the genes that control cell function. However, a number of factors are involved in triggering these changes. Some of these include family history, exposure to toxins or the sun, consumption of carcinogenic foods, or smoking. Other factors that increase the chances are gender, environment, stress, age, among others.

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