How can CBD help footballers?

How can CBD help footballers?

How can CBD help footballers? Following a pattern set by other retired athletes, former Wales international footballer and Euro 2016 semi-finalist Simon Church made public his affinity for CBD by launching a new business venture.

And like other former athletes in the CBD field, he appears to be a true believer. His sales pitch is based on the knowledge that the non-toxic cannabinoid could have helped prolong the playing career that he was forced to leave due to injury last year at the age of 29.

Thanks to a 2017 decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), other injured footballers will have the opportunity to see what CBD can do. Since January 1, 2018, CBD is no longer on the WADA list of prohibited substances, a decision that affects all FIFA athletes, including those who will play the 2022 World Cup.

Church began taking pain relievers after an injury at age 22. “When you are struggling as a player, you have discomfort and it is not enough to stop training or playing completely, so they tell you to take painkillers to get over it,” he told The Sun. “You do it because you don’t want to lose your training, or your job, or show you’re weak.”

His painkiller regimen turned into an addiction. “The time came when I became dependent on painkillers,” he said. “He took them to get through a game, a training session or even to get through the day.”

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of CBD helped, as did its sleep-promoting effects. “When I left, they told me not to run, to do nothing,” Church said. Yes, I am not that active now, but I can sleep. I can relax and go to the gym, and I couldn’t have done it without CBD.

How CBD Can Make Pretty Game A Little Easier
As the most popular sport in the world, soccer comes with its share of pressure for players, which can translate into stress and injuries that occur when players try too hard. Furthermore, the pace of the game is relentless, compounded by frequent international tournaments that carry higher expectations and rigorous training and play commitments of their own.

CBD is well known for its ability to calm anxiety, both self-imposed and that which comes with the cheers and boos of thousands of fans.

Neuropsychopharmacology, researchers found that CBD reduced public speaking-induced anxiety. Other studies have shown that CBD could have beneficial effects on more generalized forms of anxiety, all of them detrimental to the cold blood necessary to succeed in the biggest stages of the world.

As Church mentioned, CBD has also been shown to have effects on inflammation and pain. Topical CBD products are helpful in specifically treating trouble spots, while the protein shakes, bath salts, and hydrating drinks that Church’s company is launching may have their own benefits (although the scientific evidence to back it up some of these products are weak at best).

The benefits of CBD for pain relief and recovery go beyond normal wear and tear. Church told The Sun that it also works for more intense sports. “In America they use it religiously for boxing and the UFC and I know a lot of rugby boys use it,” he said.

At the same time, it strays from the rash claims that regulators have traditionally criticized, a sign that CBD may be ready for the compromises necessary to infiltrate a business as big as professional soccer. At the moment, no big name active footballer is flying the CBD flag, but Church believes that will change.

“We are not saying that we can cure mental and physical health problems,” he told The Sun. “But there are enough benefits to show that it can significantly change your life.”

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