Ghana Passes New Law Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation

Ghana Implements New Law to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation

Ghana’s Parliament has passed the Narcotics Control Commission Act. As a result, the Ministry of Interior has been given responsibility for issuing licenses for cannabis cultivation.

On July 12, 2023, Parliament passed the Narcotics Control Commission (Amendment) Bill. This consists of a single clause that, once passed, will authorize the minister to license cannabis cultivation in the country.

Controlled cultivation of cannabis

With the entry into force of this law, Ghana is taking an important step towards harnessing the potential benefits of cannabis cultivation. Through the controlled cultivation of cannabis with a limited THC content, the government wants to harness its industrial potential and explore its use in the production of fibers and seeds. In addition, the medicinal properties of cannabis can now be further investigated and used in a regulated manner.

This legal milestone is expected to pave the way for the development of a well-regulated cannabis industry in Ghana, ensuring that cultivation and use follow strict guidelines and quality standards.

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