Czech Republic Contemplates Prohibiting Hemp-Derived Products

Czech Republic Contemplates Prohibiting Hemp-Derived Products

The State Agriculture and Food Inspection (SZPI) is preparing a measure that will ban the marketing of cannabidiol CBD and other hemp-derived substances.

This information was announced in a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture. These products, including oils, sweets, tinctures, and candies, are currently being sold on the Czech market. The ministry did not specify an exact date when the ban will officially be implemented. It is important to note that the ban also extends to food supplements and cosmetics that contain these substances.

Hazardous substances in hemp products.

SZPI is taking this action due to findings that certain products contain hazardous substances, including the pesticide abamectin, which could pose risks to human health. Additionally, SZPI has expressed concern about products that exceed the permitted limit of cannabidiol.

Agriculture Minister Zdeněk Nekula emphasized the need for companies marketing CBD products to comply with European legislation and determine if they qualify as novel foods. He stated, “The ban on the marketing of cannabinoids and foods containing them will impact certain food business operators.” The minister also acknowledged that several companies have already complied with this requirement.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the ban specifically targets products containing cannabidiol derived from hemp. Products that contain cannabidiol from other sources, such as hemp resin, will not be prohibited.

Miscellaneous reactions

Reactions to the ban have been varied. Some individuals are concerned that the availability of products that assist with various health issues will be affected. Others, however, support the actions taken by SZPI and the Ministry of Agriculture due to concerns about hazardous substances found in certain products.

SZPI and the Ministry of Agriculture advise consumers to carefully examine the ingredients and sources of cannabidiol products before making a purchase. If purchasing from a pharmacy, consumers can expect the products to meet quality and safety standards.

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