Collaboration for an experimental Dutch coffee shop

Collaboration for an experimental Dutch coffee shop

Paradise Seeds of Amsterdam becomes an official partner of Holigram. Holigram is one of 10 licensed producers (LP) selected by the Dutch government to supply cannabis to coffee shops.

Paradise will supply Holigram with strains from the Netherlands, such as Dutch Dragon, Jacky White, Wappa, and other modern varieties. Holigram focuses on growing high-quality organic cannabis on a large scale in a modern 8000 m² production facility. The cultivation facilities will be natural gas-free and energy-efficient through the use of LED lighting and solar panels. The water system will be recyclable.

State marijuana in coffee shop

The Dutch weed experiment is a government-backed trial aimed at gaining more control over backdoor policies. In the Netherlands, the outdated tolerance policy still applies, according to which sales in coffee shops are tolerated, but cultivation is not legally allowed. As a result, there is a large, criminally unregulated market and many differences in the quality of the products.

The government has appointed 10 suppliers (LPs) to supply cannabis products to coffee shops in 11 participating municipalities. The coffee shops in the participating municipalities will have to purchase their products here, but they will be free to choose which of these 11. Although it was very difficult to get the trial underway, progress is now being made. Mistrust seems to have diminished somewhat.

A legal supply chain can provide benefits because you know what you are getting in terms of inventory and quality without engaging in illegal practices. Consumers can also experience benefits from consistent product quality. However, there are also many skeptics because of the demands placed on the products and the smaller range that can be offered. Practice will tell whether this ecological test will be successful.

Source: (NACIÓ)

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