Belgian innovator Wolf Jordan, a source of inspiration for hemp builders, fondly remembered: ‘He radiated like light’

“Hemp builders mourn the loss of Belgian innovator Wolf Jordan: ‘He glowed like light'”

Wolf Jordan, a renowned advocate for natural building solutions who transitioned from traditional construction, has passed away at the age of 75.

Jordan, an innovator, teacher, entrepreneur, and blues musician, traveled the world promoting and using his line of natural lime-based paints called Calcatex. He was a source of inspiration for ecologically-minded builders across the globe.

In an interview with HempToday in 2019, Jordan shared his journey from the world of classical building materials to becoming “ecologically engaged” and searching for sustainable alternatives. He had a deep understanding of physical laws that apply to mixtures requiring a binder, and he aspired to find healthier and more environmentally friendly options.

The story of Jordan’s shift to natural building materials starts at his company, Wolf Jordan & Co., located in Kalmthout, Belgium. He grew up in a household where linseed oil and turpentine were fundamental parts of his youth. His grandfather, Frans van Tongerloo, a respected Belgian painter, influenced his artistic sensibilities.

Jordan emphasized the importance of using natural and breathable materials in building construction. He believed that walls, as the final layer of a home, should promote health and well-being. Besides his expertise in natural plasters and renders, he also developed proprietary formulas for hempcrete, as well as natural oils and waxes for wood and stone.

However, his true passion lay in his Calcatex paints and the color harmonies he achieved. Jordan believed that the choice of color had a connection with music and the stars. He created paints that not only reflected visible colors but also had an extra effect by reflecting invisible colors that can be felt. The inspiration for his paints came from ancient knowledge dating back to the Middle Ages, Roman times, and even early Egyptian sources.

Friends and colleagues from the natural building community around the world mourn Jordan’s loss. Steve Allin, Director of the International Hemp Building Association, described Jordan as a fierce advocate for natural building materials and a gentle soul. Ukrainian hemp builder Sergiy Kovalenkov praised Jordan’s deep knowledge and called his passing a huge loss to the green building community.

Gizem Tutumlu, a Turkish filmmaker who was close to Jordan, referred to him as an extraordinary teacher who poured his heart into his work. She remembered him as a source of inspiration and a living example of a life enriched with love and laughter.

Jordan’s impact extended beyond his immediate circle. His ethos of “small is beautiful” inspired other builders, such as Latvian hemp builder Kristaps Eglitis, to create innovative solutions like the HurdMaster. The loss of Jordan’s expertise and guidance is deeply felt by the hemp building community worldwide.

Those who knew Jordan often described him with otherworldly qualities. Kovalenkov compared him to a charming wizard full of wisdom and magic. Nivedita Bansal Shah of Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures believed that a pure soul like his never dies but merely changes form. Pamela Bosch of Highland Hemp House saw his spirit effortlessly transitioning to the ethereal realm.

Wolf Jordan, born in 1948 and passed away in 2023, leaves behind a lasting legacy, warm memories, and a profound impact on the natural building community. His kindness, knowledge, and love for his work will be dearly missed.

Belgian innovator Wolf Jordan, a source of inspiration for hemp builders, fondly remembered: ‘He radiated like light’
Wolf Jordan, 1948 – 2023. (Photo: Kehrt Reyher)

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