11th Building Symposium to Focus on Carbon, Science, Technology

11th Building Symposium Investigates Carbon, Science, and Technology in Hemp

Carbon credits and their relationship to the hemp construction industry will be a highlight of this year’s International Hemp Building Symposium, taking place in Amsterdam on October 10-11.

Nando Knodel, a co-founder of HempConnect based in Hamburg, will discuss this topic on the first day of the symposium. Knodel recently published a paper on “Carbon in Hemp,” which suggests that the current shortage of certified carbon credits presents an opportunity for hemp. His company focuses on circular agriculture and carbon removal through the use of hemp and pyrolysis.

Science & technology

The program also includes presentations on research science, new technologies and products, and hemp building projects during the 11th edition of the symposium, organized by Steve Allin, Director of the International Hemp Building Association (IHBA).

Several presentations on hemp panels for the construction industry are also scheduled, featuring speakers such as Robert Schwemmer from Silent Fiber in Germany, Remi Loren from Ekolution AB in Sweden, and Chloe Donovan from Natural Building Systems Ltd in the UK.

Demonstrations & field trip

11th Building Symposium to Focus on Carbon, Science, Technology

The symposium will also include equipment demonstrations. Kristaps Eglitas will demonstrate the HurdMaster MD1000Air, a micro-decorticator he developed that is being sold worldwide. Damien Baumer from Ereasy in France will demonstrate a hempcrete sprayer by applying wet material to the prototype formwork of an emergency housing dome.

Lastly, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Voorst town hall in Twello, Netherlands, to see the large-scale hempcrete casting project being carried out there.

Allin, the director of IHBA, has been at the forefront of promoting hemp’s use in construction for the past two decades. He is an author, teacher, and consultant, and has written books such as “Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies” (Seedpress, 2021) and “Building with Hemp” (Seed Press, 2005, 2012), as well as numerous papers on hemp-based construction.

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